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    Volunteering for a deployment/ taking a semester off

    I’m currently a MS1 cadet and am also junior enlisted in the Army Reserves. I’m debating if I should try and volunteer for a deployment for next fall semester/ next school year. The main reason I would want to deploy is to get some actual active army experience in and see how everything...
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    What are my chances of being deployed to the middle east?

    I'm thinking about joining the air force as a space systems operations specialist and i was wondering what my chances are of being deployed to the middle east?
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    Communication on Subs

    Hello! I started dating a naval submarine officer a few months ago and things were going really well, (eg, he met my family and I met his fellow officers, etc). He let me know the dates he was going to be deploying and then I didn't hear from him suddenly and I found out he was around for about...