1. N

    Advanced Standing

    How difficult is it to get advanced standing? I will be joining as a sophomore majoring in Aerospace Engineering. Since I am transferring schools, my GPA will start over, so I don't know that it would be of the most relevance to this question right now. I know this is a difficult major, but I am...
  2. T

    Urgent Difficulties with NROTC

    I'm not exactly sure how to word or phrase this, so I will just spit it out: I am having... difficulties working with the Officer assigned to handle my application. I am applying (or tying to apply for) the NROTC Marine Option Scholarship. From the beginning of our encounters this Officer...
  3. JustAdNauseam


    Hi, I'm not sure if there's already a fitting answer out there for my question as I can't seem to find it myself. Please redirect me if there is. :help: In my circumstance, I go to a high school that isn't exactly the best. It struggled to achieve AYP for a couple of years, is underfunded, and...