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    ARMY Rotc DIsenrolled does DD 785 affect national guard OCS?

    DS has a bachelor's and getting involuntarily dis enrolled due to not getting advance camp credit. She found out she might be getting a DD 785 does that affect getting into the national guard OCS?
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    Getting into OTS after getting kicked out of AFROTC?

    I have recently been kicked out of AFROTC for GPA related reasons. I was contracted and completed three years of the four year program. I want to apply for OTS after graduation. What are my chances of getting in after being kicked out of AFROTC? Background: I have a 3.2 gpa and a four year...
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    Air Force ROTC Disenrollment

    Hello, I am posting concerning my husband, so please excuse me if I don't know all of the correct terminology. My husband was disenrolled from afrotc his senior year of college due to some poor grades. If you would like all of the details, please feel free to ask - there were a few...
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    Alternate options

    I'm in ROTC in my third year of school, planning to graduate in May 2018. I'm currently at a crossroads with my unit for numerous reasons that I don't feel like getting into, and I'm having thoughts of leaving my unit. Right now, I would be equally satisfied with either being a military officer...
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    AFROTC Enlisted Commitment Question

    I had a question about the repayment of scholarships if a cadet is disenrolled after the point of no return. I've been able to find out about the monetary repayment of scholarships, but no one I've spoken to seems to be able to answer my questions about potential enlisted commitment. If a...