Getting into OTS after getting kicked out of AFROTC?


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I have recently been kicked out of AFROTC for GPA related reasons. I was contracted and completed three years of the four year program. I want to apply for OTS after graduation. What are my chances of getting in after being kicked out of AFROTC?

Background: I have a 3.2 gpa and a four year engineering degree. I averaged about 60 on the afoqt, but I feel confident that I could improve these sources in I retook it. I've got no previous criminal/integrity issues. I completed field training, don't know if this makes a difference.


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Someone will correct me if I'm wrong but I was under the impression that if you were disenrolled while being a contracted cadet you could not enter a different commissioning source.

Hopefully someone with more knowledge in this area will answer soon.


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@Jcleppe I think it depends on why you were disenrolled, especially with AFROTC because of the summer training cut. I have no idea where a failure to meet GPA standards falls on that continuum. His "discharge papers" should give him a clue I would think. In any case, I cannot claim to be an expert on this... or much else either. :D


What are my chances of getting in after being kicked out of AFROTC?
No one except probably an OTS recruiter can tell you for sure. However here’s a brief bit of info that may help give you an idea. A brand new lieutenant that arrived at my squadron a couple of months ago told me that he was kicked out of ROTC one year for underage drinking/using a fake ID. Apparently however, his detachment actually brought him back on board after about a year and thus he was able to commission. So either the AF really is hard up for bodies, or he was a really sharp cadet (I’m hunching on the former!).