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    Help with NFCU

    Hey guys, So I DORed from the Naval Academy halfway through my plebe year and other than one person in my company, I'm the only person I know. Does anyone know any other folks who have also left? It's kind of been difficult working through it without anyone else here like me in my home state...
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    I understand that if a scholarship midshipman drops the NROTC program after their sophomore year they either have to pay back tuition or go on active military service in enlisted status upon graduation. I’m wondering: with the latter option, will the student get to choose the enlisted career...
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    DOR from NROTC

    So a bit of background, I received a 3 year scholarship but ended up deciding the second year (my junior academic year) that it wasn't for me and dropped. I'm currently in the process of signing forms and am aware of the consequences (pay or enlist, etc.). I was just wondering if anyone had...
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    NROTC Drop On Request - Help!!

    Hello everyone, I am a senior mechanical engineering student and 1/C midshipman on a 2 yr side load scholarship. Up until recently, I had dreams of serving as a nuclear officer onboard a submarine. However, I desperately want to drop out of NROTC as soon as possible. My grandmother (who...