dual credit

  1. F

    Naval Academy Admissions and Jump in Class Rank

    Hello! I jumped from #7 to #2 in class rank at my high school because I took a ton of difficult college classes at the local university and some at the community college (to learn valuable IT skills and science skills, not to boost class rank). I sent my seventh semester transcript, and I’m...
  2. A

    International Baccalaureate (IB) vs. Dual Enrollent

    Hello. Sorry if this has already been asked in the past. I tried to find an answer to my question, but I didn't find one that matched it. I know that IB and Dual Enrollment are different things. Does the Naval Academy look at them the same, or do they prefer one over the other? Also, I didn't...
  3. TangoRomeo

    Dual Enrollment Complications

    Hello everyone! Just a quick question: in addition to AP classes I also take quite a few Dual Enrollment classes with the local State College; I'll be graduating Highschool with my AA complete. I just wanted to inquire if anyone has had any issues in admissions due to Dual Enrollment credits...
  4. Capri120

    ROTC eligibility - dual credit

    Since the same question has been posed in a few threads recently concerning whether college dual credit hours will impact ROTC scholarship eligibility, I thought I would provide a couple of links to help answer those questions. Unfortunately, at least in my search, I could only find where the...