Dual Enrollment Complications


Jan 5, 2018
Hello everyone!

Just a quick question: in addition to AP classes I also take quite a few Dual Enrollment classes with the local State College; I'll be graduating Highschool with my AA complete. I just wanted to inquire if anyone has had any issues in admissions due to Dual Enrollment credits and if there's anything to watch for? I'm aware the credits likely wouldn't transfer.

Thanks for your time!!!
Are the college credits included on your HS transcript? If not make sure to send both.
This is common in several states, doubt you are the first.
Be sure to ask your local admissions contact however.
My son also had DE credits. It wasn't a problem at all. The DE credits were noted on his high school transcript and we also sent a transcript from the college to WP when he applied.
DD as doube enrollment, will graduate from HS and with College with a AA degree, not a problem for WP application, just be aware most credits will not be transferable.
Ok that's great to hear! I was concerned there could be unforeseen complications. Thank you all for the responses!