education delay

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    ROTC Cadet on Education Delay for Physical Therapy program

    My son is a cadet on an ROTC Scholarship. He will graduate and commission in May 2022. He has an approved Education Delay and will begin his DPT program shortly after commissioning. We are trying to determine what his status with the Army will be, as he will be a 2LT. He will be going to...
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    ED for pilot in law school?

    I am a high schooler trying to figure out a track for my future. I would like to participate in ROTC, but would also like to go to grad school before serving. Please tell me whether or not my plan below is feasible. 3 year bachelors --> 3 year law degree --> 4 year serving as a pilot I have...
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    Law School Ed Delay

    I'm a sophomore scholarship army rotc cadet at UMass, a little about me: I'm a political science major in the honors college, I have a 3.7 gpa, 294 pt score, recently accepted CULP mission to Tanzania, on our ranger challenge team, and I'm involved in club and intramural sports at UMass, and...
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    Getting Job you want after ROTC

    Hi everyone, I'm a sophomore scholarship ROTC Cadet at UMass Amherst. A little about me: I'm currently a Sophomore at UMass Amherst, I have a 3.7 GPA, I'm in the honors college, PT score is a 294, I'm on our Ranger Challenge team, Currently ranked 3rd in my grade for OML, I recently got a CULP...