ED for pilot in law school?


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Aug 10, 2017
I am a high schooler trying to figure out a track for my future. I would like to participate in ROTC, but would also like to go to grad school before serving. Please tell me whether or not my plan below is feasible.
3 year bachelors --> 3 year law degree --> 4 year serving as a pilot
I have seen many threads saying that with an ED, law school is possible before serving. However, the posters went into JAGS after law school; I personally would like to serve as a pilot. Will this be my choice, or is it up to the whims of the military?
My guess is that there is no simple answer to your question and that there's more to it than you realize. Where you end up won't be subject to anyone's whim, but it will be driven by military needs among other things. For instance, you would not necessarily be guaranteed a JAG slot just because you defer service to attend law school. At least that has been the experience of several people I know. With respect to a pilot slot, not clear why the military would grant a deferral for law school if you then want to be a pilot, which is a minimum of two additional years of training and three additional years of commitment. That means you would be tied up for thirteen years after graduation presumably.
Your plan makes no sense...ED requires you complete ROTC training and are accepted for ED. If you are accepted for ED the expectation is you are planning to serve as a lawyer. You aren't going to be allowed to request a different branch, especially not aviation.

You're in high school...how about not getting too far ahead of yourself. Thinking about where you want to earn your bachelors and what you want to study might be what you want to worry about.
You did not state which branch of ROTC, but jmpo that plan is not going to happen for the AF.
The military only gives out EDs if they get something out of it since it takes you away from your career field for a few years. So if they send you to dental school, they want a dentist out of it. Law school a JAG. Engineering maybe a future test pilot. If you're already serving as a high-up liaison in the state department then maybe even an international studies degree. Delaying your entry into service as a brand new lieutenant just to have you become a pilot afterward? Not a reasonable investment of time or money for them. If you wanted to study for a law degree while serving as a pilot you absolutely could, but the Air Force won't give you time off to do it.
4 year serving as a pilot
OBTW, for the AF your commitment for pilot training is not 4 yrs, but 10, plus UPT for the 1 yr. This ties into Thunderbolts' reply. For them you would not even get to touch a legal case for 11 yrs or more. Horrible return on investment.

Had you said you wanted to be a doc and fly than yes they will give you an ED for Med school and send you to UPT later on. When you wing you than are a flight doc.