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    Shoulder Stabilization Eligibility

    Hello. I have some questions about bankhart stabilization surgery on my shoulder and it affecting my eligibility to be a candidate for marine OCS. I am being recommended to get this minor arthroscopic surgery but I am hesitant because I do not want it to make me ineligible to join. Please let me...
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    SLE Eligibility

    Is there any possible way for me to apply for SLE in the future? I am not a high school junior and am graduating this year. If not, are there other summer programs for older applicants? Thank you.
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    Hi! My name is Shahmir, and I am a future MAVNI enlistee (By the way, I know that MAVNI is currently postponed however I already have a contract I just have to complete my SSBI and then I am off to BCT). I was wondering if I could go from MAVNI to USAFA through the LEAD program given that I...
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    How heavily weighted is the college transcript in the Air Force Academy Process?

    I graduated second in my high school with a 3.96 GPA. I am now studying aerospace engineering with a total of 19 credits at Iowa State University. I am struggling to keep my grades up in Calculus I and Chemistry for Engineering Students. I am currently at a low B in both the classes with A's in...
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    Air Force ROTC Scholarship

    I am currently a High School sophomore, about to be junior, and I am set on going to college on a ROTC scholarship. I have a 3.9 GPA, and I am yet to take either the ATC or SAT. Although I am sure that I would be able to pass the SAT and ACT requirements for the two tests, but my concern is...
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    Eligibility for USAFA?

    Hello, I am currently a senior. Female Korean with Natural Born U.S Citizenship I have a 4.12 GPA (unweighted) My SAT score is a 29 and my SAT is 1350. I have been in Varsity Cheerleading for my school. I am in theatrical plays. I am in two clubs: Art Club and Music Club. I am in National...
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    International student or not?

    I'm still an incoming sophomore but planning to apply for USAFA once I graduate. I scanned through the application steps but some parts are not too clear or specified. In the eligibility step, I actually don't know where I am categorized. Whether I am an international student or not, because I...