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Oct 31, 2017
Hi! My name is Shahmir, and I am a future MAVNI enlistee (By the way, I know that MAVNI is currently postponed however I already have a contract I just have to complete my SSBI and then I am off to BCT). I was wondering if I could go from MAVNI to USAFA through the LEAD program given that I become a US citizen? I read on a memo somewhere that although an SSBI is preformed on us before BCT, we don't get SSBI clearance until after our first term of service, given that can I still attend USAFA, even if I don't have Top Secret security clearance?

I have done A-Levels (equivalent to high school diploma) and I have 4 A* in Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics. I also have a solid extra-curricular record as an MUNer, I was a badminton champion, and I was captain of my football (soccer team).

BTW, I have an unwavering loyalty to the US and it's cause. I could have served in my own military however my country is currently in a lot of political turmoil and it's very unstable. I have also lived in the US for 8 years prior to moving back to my own country, I also have extensive knowledge of US history and civics along with a proficiency in English and Urdu! Thank you for your information in advance!
So limited experience with service academies and MAVNI but you need to read the fine print and ask them to show you in writing the details for MAVNI and commissioning programs. I had two excellent Soldiers selected for ROTC scholarships who were MAVNI enlistees. It basically took multiple general officers to get involved because there are some stipulations with MAVNI that don't allow you to terminate your enlistment even for commissioning programs. The clearance issue was the other sticky widget that was limiting these two. The only redeeming factor that they had was the Commanding General who selected them was willing to weigh in on their behalf since they each already had over a year plus of good service.