1. D

    I'm doing an application for USAFA summer seminar, can anyone give construction criticism on it? Im at the character limit so I cant add more detail.

    I feel like its missing a "wow" factor and it isn't detail enough but i have no more characters to express more? Ideas? I was a “people pleaser”, always giving in to the words of others. Never saying no, no matter how much I hated to say yes. A slave to validation and acceptance. It wasn’t...
  2. A

    Congressional Nomination Essay: Why do you wish to attend a service academy?

    Here is what I wrote (I am open to any criticisms or advice. Tell me what you think): I wish to attend a service academy as an opportunity to serve my country as an army officer to the best of my ability. Joining the military has long been a goal of mine, and I aspire to join a service academy...
  3. tasmaniandevil_06

    Summer Seminar Essay Question 2023

    Hey I would really love some constructive criticism on my essay. I don't know if i should add more about my challenges or not. I really want to go to the USAFA Summer Seminar to see if USAFA is the right fit for me or not, im on the edge. Please discuss any personal life experience where you...