1. J

    AF OTS Jobs?

    Hello! I’m currently a junior in college and I’m studying education, but have always felt connected to the military because it runs deep in my family. I’m thinking about becoming an AF officer when i graduate, but I’m having trouble deciding what job I want to do in the AF. I’m a girl and I...
  2. D

    What to bring for females

    what brand and where did you buy sports bras and underwear? Also how many feminine hygiene products did you bring and is there anything you wish you would’ve brought as a female? Thank you.
  3. C

    Where do I start?

    Hi everyone, I turn sixteen this saturday and I am going into my junior year of highschool. I'm younger for my class. As this is my junior year I'm really nervous about the whole 17 before July 1st deal, will I not be able to be accepted? I'm sixteen on August fourth, so in two days. I have a...
  4. T

    How to Prepare for AROTC?

    Hi guys! I'm a female, non scholarship cadet, entering into my freshman year at Rhodes College. I am working on the APFT with my JROTC Army Instructor (AI), so I am making sure my pushups and situps are up to standard with him. For my first APFT I am shooting for anywhere in the 220 range (if...
  5. U

    USAFA hair female cadets

    Hi! So the consensus seems to be that you don’t need to cut your hair for BCT if you can figure out how to manageably put it up within regulation. However, I’m more curious about the percentage of female cadets during the academic year that actually have hair short enough to wear down, and...
  6. S

    Chance Me

    As it seems this is almost a mandatory thread for all new people and many other join in the fun I might as well. I'm a 10th grader currently in an arts school for writing. My GPA is 3.6, I have all As and am taking all honors classes (granted two of them last marking period were only 90% but...
  7. BmiraiC


    Hi, my name is Briana, and I am a prospective student for the Academy. I have been to the Summer Seminar and have been approved to candidate status just a while ago. I am very serious about entering the USAFA. I've gathered most of LORs, and I'm currently filling out apps for my congressmen...
  8. M


    Hello, I have a question for some female cadets, (current or previous). I have been looking into some options for birth control and want to take into account some advice from those who have stood in my place before me. I know that Beast is difficult for most girls considering their periods and...