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sci-fi girl

Feb 28, 2017
As it seems this is almost a mandatory thread for all new people and many other join in the fun I might as well.
I'm a 10th grader currently in an arts school for writing. My GPA is 3.6, I have all As and am taking all honors classes (granted two of them last marking period were only 90% but hey still an A). I'm going to take Ap classes next year as they're offered. My school doesn't official rank, but my guidance counselor told me I was number 6 out of the 50 students in my grade. I play softball, run 5ks (hoping to do half marathons by the end of the summer). I'm on the school Envirothon team, hip-hop club, student council (I hold treasurer), on the yearbook, and volunteer at a library. Between last year and this year I have about 130 volunteer hours. I also attended Goddard Leadership Legacy Institute, was involved in my school's musical, and did a dance course. My first and only so far PSAT scores were 530 for math and 670 for reading, though they will both definitely be improved over the summer.
I'm looking into doing track in the fall and joining the civil air patrol, as my school doesn't have JROTC.

Thanks to all who give input. Any and all suggestions for how to improve are welcome and wanted.
Get in AP classes
Varsity sport + lettering
Team captain would be great
Get those standardized test scores up
Follow through with CAP
Go for girls state in your junior
Take ACT/SAT every time you can. Test scores are big, and USMA, like the other academies, super-scores. I think the ACT has an advantage over the SAT because it has four separate sub-scores (not counting writing), each of which are super-scored (as opposed to two with the SAT), meaning there is a better chance that when you take the test multiple times you will increase at least one or two of the sections, even if your composite score didn't go up. Every time my son took the ACT at least one of his sub-scores went up, and in some cases significantly. And the more you take those tests, generally, the better you get. study between tests, and review the answers after every practice test.

I think particularly at a small school like yours the standardized tests have even more relevance. And if your school doesnt rank, West Point uses the ACT/SAT scores to create a class rank for you, so essentially the ACT/SAT counts for the full academic portion of your WCS, which is a large majority of the total.

I would work on varsity sports. Team sports. Stay with softball, and try to be a leader. If you become team captain that is worth big time leadership points on the WCS. A varsity letter in another sport would be helpful too. Keep in mind you will need to do well on the CFA, and it is never too early to start working on that. run, do sit-ups, push-ups, and pull-ups.
If you read over other prior 'chance me' threads, you will realize no one here can do anything but guess at an answer. It is far better to read the official SA websites that describe the type of h.s. background they recommend.