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  1. E

    Doctorate Degree with AFROTC?

    I am a sophomore AS200 with an EA and HSSP scholarship. I just got into a 4-year med school, that would help my professional career in the health field. I've always wanted to work in that field specifically in the Air Force, and I'm not sure how that would work with Field Training and my POC...
  2. S

    RPI AFROTC and The Arch

    Hello everyone! I’m an incoming freshman at RPI doing AFROTC, and I was wondering if anyone knew how exactly students selected to continue in AFROTC would be able to do field training during their sophomore year summer, as well as the newly mandated Arch program. I understand that some...
  3. F

    GPA AFROTC Field Training

    I'm just curious, but what's the lowest GPA that a cadet had in AFROTC that still allowed them to get a slot into Field Training? What was their major and what other categories did they excel in that made up for their low GPA?
  4. curiousas250

    AS250 - How do I prepare for Field Training and catch up with my peers?

    I'm a AS250 who's joining Air Force ROTC next semester. I participated in a different branch of ROTC my Freshmen year and there, I was on the Drill Team which means I am already familiar with procedures such as Open Ranks Inspection, Facing, and Column & File Movements. I've spoken with...
  5. A


    I'm entering my detachment as an AS250 transfer and I'm a bit worried about FTP since I will be taking a intensive courseload during my FTP semester. At my previous school I was friends with a AS300 who talked about how poorly he was treated as an AS200 in FTP, such as being constantly berated...
  6. SeanM


    Hello, I am posting here in hope to have some closure as to what will most likely happen regarding my current situation. If there is any insight on what may happen then please feel free to post below. I am not trying to get super personal, i am just seeking information. (cheers) Here is some...
  7. M

    AFROTC LEAD (Field Training) Bag Drag

    Hi all, I'll be going to LEAD this summer and have a bag drag coming up next week. Aside from the listed required items, what do y'all recommend? (Especially if you have been to FT in the previous years) Thanks!
  8. M

    AFROTC LEAD Manual

    The 2017 LEAD (Leadership Evaluation and Development) manual has been released: The biggest difference I've noticed so far is that there is only one FA administered on TD-2 and if you fail it you get an unsatisfactory on your LEADPR but...
  9. C

    AFROTC RSS (Commander's Ranking) Question

    Hello, Regarding the RSS/Commander's Ranking of FT nominations/selections, I have been told by my Det Commander that I was definitely in the "top 50%". My question is, if the AS200 Cadet is ranked within the whole detachment or just within the FTP class? (I didn't want to ask him too much...