1. eaab08

    Verizon military discount

    Hey, I'm a youngster here at USNA. Does anybody have any experience on utilizing Verizon's military discount as somebody on an account plan (not actually the account owner). It could help save my parents money, but not really sure how to transfer an account or if it's feasible.
  2. i_like_planes

    ED to Dartmouth/Finance Career After USNA?

    As you can tell from the title, I am pretty torn right now on what I should do. I have submitted my USNA application over a month ago and have my Dartmouth ED application one click away from being submitted however I'm very torn over whether I should submit it or not. USNA is my top school by a...
  3. A

    Additional Jobs during Service

    Hello! I'm new to this forum, and I haven't found a question for my unique interests, so I am posting my personal situation seeking advice. Long story short, I'm a college sophomore who has developed a newfound interest in serving. I have some pilot cousins, a few ancestors who served in the...