high school

  1. Giantatom

    Advice For High School?

    I'm a Junior in high school right now, and I'll be starting my pre-candidate questionnaire when it opens in March. I'm looking for advice on anything I can do in my last year and a half of high school. Currently, I have a pretty good GPA at 3.95 unweighted/4.86 weighted with the most rigorous...
  2. W

    Apply to USCGA while under NROTC Scholarship in Freshman year of College

    I am currently a highschool senior applying to the Coast Guard Academy with a backup being the NROTC scholarship. If I do not receive an appointment to USCGA yet I receive an NROTC Scholarship would I be able to still apply/attend the Coast Guard Academy during my freshman year of college?
  3. Q

    My HS Class Load is too intense... what do I drop?

    Hello, I am a Junior in High School and in an attempt to make myself look as good as possible on Service Academy (specifically USAFA) applications, packed my schedule full of APs and Honors classes. If an AP or Honors was offered, I took it. However, as we reach three weeks in, I realize that...
  4. A

    I need help clearing some things up (and maybe some advice)

    I'm an incoming sophomore in high school with USMA being my top choice for college. However, I only really learned about WP at the end of freshman year, so I've been slacking off some and not working as hard as I should have been. I've researched what I could about the academy and other...
  5. K

    Leadership Advice

    Hey everybody! I'm applying for the class of 2026 and I have a huge concern about my leadership. At the moment, the only leadership posts I held at school are being the swim team captain and founder/president of a school club. I have not been involved with my school's student council, however, I...
  6. PyroSweets

    Am I Ready?

    Hi! I'm looking to attend the USAFA or USMA class of 2026, as I'm a Junior in high school right now. I've been working on my portfolio since the beginning of my Freshman year, but I'm not sure if it's enough. GPA (Unweighted): 3.846 GPA (Weighted): 4.29 Class Rank (Unweighted): 40 of 445 Class...
  7. A

    Tell me how to improve?

    Hello. I'm an incoming sophomore and I would appreciate it if some folks could tell me what I could improve. GPA - Unweighted 3.22 Weighted 3.77 Academics - On track to earn an associates when I graduate high school, going into algebra 2, have taken English comp 121/122, and I am taking...
  8. E

    What are my chances of getting in?

    Here is a mini resume: I am a rising senior in high school. I have a 4.46 GPA, a 1250 SAT score, am the President of Interact Club, treasurer of Business Professionals of America, the alto saxophone section leader in my band, have 100+ community service and am currently working a job. I am...
  9. U

    Creating JROTC in my HS

    Howdy y’all My school has no JROTC. I want to change this and create one for my school even though I am going to be a senior. Any advice or tips at all for me? Who should I contact to discuss with? What would be the requirements? I am planning on talking with my grade’s counselor and a veteran...
  10. O

    Military Boarding Schools (Female / High School)

    Hi all, I am new to this forum and am looking for some advice about what military boarding school to send our daughter to. Our 15 yo daughter is finishing her freshman year in high school. Bottom line question is--what is the best coed military boarding school for FEMALE high schoolers? We...
  11. U

    Poor Grades in Honors Math

    Hey folks, I am worried about my Honors math grade. This semester I got a C- (junior)... I am great in other areas (except for understandable difficulty in AP chem). Can someone pls give me input on if my chances to academy are decreased significantly? And any suggestions to make up for this...
  12. G

    Average GPA?

    Just wondering but does anyone know what the average high school unweighted and weighted gpa is for cadets? I know about 80% are in the top 20% of their class but does anyone know their actual high school gpa?
  13. CrossMT 07

    Recommendations for Air Force Academy

    Hey all, I am 14 years old and I have made the decision to apply for USAFA when I am 17. I am looking for advice on what to do now to strengthen my application. I am a freshman in a STEM high school, I take 10th-grade math, pre-ap biology, CE (Concurrent Enrollment at a college) English...
  14. R

    Cadet Command Scholarship Hopeful

    Hi there, I am a current high school senior with high hopes of being selected for the 3 year AD ROTC Cadet Command Scholarship, or even the 4 year option. Despite my hope and desire to be granted this scholarship, my application is very uneven and worries me. Freshman through sophomore year...
  15. 11BravoArmy

    Chances of getting into USMA (West Point)

    I am going into my junior year and my dream is to get into West Point. The only problem is I did not realize this until halfway through sophomore year. I have started working very hard and pursuing better grades and leadership status. My freshman year GPA was a 3.1 (4.0 scale). Sophomore year...
  16. V

    Bad Grades on ROTC Scholarship Application?

    Hello! Thank you for all the replies in advance. I am applying for the Army ROTC scholarship as a senior next year. Unfortunately, a lot occurred this year and my grades dropped, but my previous years show outstanding academics. My GPA is probably going to be a 3.2 or higher, but how should I...
  17. K

    HS ROTC ---> University ROTC

    Say a high school student was a cadet for their state's national guard or the AROTC and they were looking at some schools outside of their state. Would it be possible for them to start over again in the new state's ROTC program whether it be the AFROTC, AROTC, NROTC, etc for a chance at a needed...
  18. A

    Bad Teacher

    Hello, I am currently a sophomore in high school and am interested in applying to USAFA next year. I am planning on taking honors physics, which is the most advanced physics class I can take as a junior. There is only one teacher for this class, and have heard that he is a very bad teacher. I...
  19. K

    USMA SLE Session 1 Accepted 2018

    Hey guys! For everyone that was accepted into SLE 2018 session 1 Congratulations! I wanted to make this thread so we could get to know each other and answer any questions that we may have. If you could please introduce yourself and say where your from that would be great, Thanks!
  20. C

    Dropping a class as a 2nd-semester HS senior

    Hey all. Just got my LOA back in December. There's one class I'd like to drop, Human Physiology & Anatomy, that is simply an elective and isn't important for graduation or any other science requirement. I've already taken AP Physics, AP Chem and AP Bio so it's not like I'm weak in science. Does...