1. H

    What academics got you into USAFA?

    As a highschool student hoping to make it to USAFA, I was curious about what got other people into USAFA, (Academics, extracurriculars, SAT/ACT grades) to see what more I could do to make my dreams a reality. Alternatively, if you are USAFA faculty I would love to know what classes and sat...
  2. H

    Usafa Elgibilty

    Hey, I am a 10th grader aiming to go to Usafa and I'm currently on track in terms of academics and extracurriculars, however I skipped a grade and will be 17 by February of my senior year, after the application process is over. I didn't think this was a problem until I read to apply you need to...
  3. S

    Nervous about my chances.

    Im gonna be 100 percent honest here, I didn’t get the greatest start as a freshman in highschool. I finished freshman year with roughly a 3.2 unweighted gpa and a not so great class rank. As of the beginning of sophomore year, I realized how important getting into USAFA really is to me, and I’ve...
  4. A

    Graduating Early

    Hello! I have been taking a variety of community college classes over the past year (I'm a sophomore in high school) and I may have enough credits to graduate my high school as a Junior with honors. Would graduating early impact an application to USAFA, and how? Thanks!
  5. D

    Will taking Honors Classes limit my chance of being a candidate?

    Hello everyone, I'm a rising Junior, and I'm currently enrolled in the IB Diploma program. However, I did ask for some advice about this IB situation that I was having, and what I gathered was that I should look out for more STEM related classes. And as I think more about it during this...
  6. D

    Which is more beneficial for me in the long run, of being a candidate for USMA? (IB OR AP)

    Hello everyone, I'm currently a sophomore moving on into my junior year. I go to a pretty average school that offers me IB courses and AP courses. I'm currently enrolled under IB, but I can still exit at anytime I want, and so far I can see the work is much more stressful than AP. I've asked...
  7. M

    AP Physics 1 or C?

    I am a junior in high school interested in USNA currently taking Physics Honors. Would it be better to take AP Physics 1 or AP Physics C as a senior next year? Does USNA value AP Physics C significantly higher than AP Physics 1? I am also currently taking Pre-Calculus and will take AP...
  8. R

    Is this fine? Dropping science class for another class in high school

    I am currently applying for the 4 year Army ROTC scholarship and the 2 year Army Early Commissioning ROTC scholarship. Would it be fine if I drop my science class this year? I have already taken Physics, Chemistry, Biology I am currently enrolled in Anatomy Honors but I don't think I'm...
  9. M

    How much will my sophomore year be overlooked? Also leadership opportunities

    I just finished 1st semester and I have only one A in chinese, a B in engineering, weight honors chemistry, weighted AP euro, and my 6th period cross country, and a C in weighted precalculus. I know I'm capable of performing much better and a lot of my grades dropped over small mistakes that I...
  10. P

    ROTC Interview

    Hi i'm going to be having my NROTC interview in the next few weeks and was wondering what to wear, I have a suit but is that too much and if so what would be more appropriate. Also if you have any other tips on what to bring, do, or how to prepare for the interview let me know, any help would be...
  11. T

    Very worried

    Hello all, I am a senior applying to all the service academies, but I really worried about my chances. My unweighted GPA is a 3.3 and weighted 3.8, I am in 3 different clubs and have 10 varsity letters, am a class officer, and freshman mentor. I am still improving my ACT scores, my CFA is above...
  12. Ry0la

    Candidate Fitness Assessment :/

    Hey this is my first post on here, and I just wanted to let you all know a bit about my situation... I'm a rising high school senior who used to be obese and lost 75 pounds in order to get into better shape... however, after this weight loss, I had almost no strength whatsoever. I have been...
  13. L

    How heavily weighted is high school academics/ec toward application process?

    Hi, I am an upcoming freshman and am thinking about applying to usma after I get my Associate Degree. I have received a ROTC scholarship so I may be able to get a PMS nom. My grades were not the best and my ACT score was a 29 which would make me barely competitive if at all. If I participate in...
  14. craiyan2

    Retaking Failed Highschool Classes

    Hi- I'm a soph at highschool trying to raise his chances at getting an appointment. Currently I have almost all A's except one blaring problem on my transcript. A big fat D for Math in 1st semester of this school year. I was going through depression at the time, and the teacher was using a...
  15. 9

    Coast Guard Auxiliary?

    Hi, im a 16 year old junior and will be turning 17 soon. To join the Coast Guard Auxiliary one must be 17 years old. Would joining the CG auxiliary, for the 7 months i'm eligible before I apply to the coast guard class of 2021, help my chances significantly or at all?
  16. N

    Need some advice

    Hello SAF! I'm a junior in high school, and I'm trying to attend Kings Point. My family runs deep in the maritime trade and its one of my goals to get into it. As a sophomore and a freshman, I did not really care too much about grades, mainly because I didnt know what I wanted to do with my...