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    Hello all,

    I am a senior applying to all the service academies, but I really worried about my chances. My unweighted GPA is a 3.3 and weighted 3.8, I am in 3 different clubs and have 10 varsity letters, am a class officer, and freshman mentor. I am still improving my ACT scores, my CFA is above standards, I have also attended both West Point and Air Force Academy summer seminars. The problem is I have received a D in pre-calculus. I know it hurt my chances, but did it totally eliminate me?
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    You won't know until you apply. None of us can tell you for sure. Maybe you should speak to an admissions rep. at an SA and ask the same question..
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    My sons GPA was 3.8ish too, and otherwise had a résumé similar to yours. He received relatively early appointments to USMA and USAFA in January, and very late from USNA after a wait list. He is at West Point now.

    Your ACT scores will likely make or break you. Math and English are the biggies. Work hard for at least a 31. My son started with a 29, and got his to a 32 (m34, e31, s34 and r30) with effort and some luck, which superscoring permits. If you want it bad enough you can get there.
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    The "D" will not automatically disqualify you. My DS made a D for a semester in AP Calculus BC. However, he made a 5 on the AP exam and prepared to answer questions in the ALO and MOC interviews (which was asked in both interviews by the way). If I were you, I would prepare to do the same regarding the grade.

    As to the application, if you are a candidate after the pre-questionnaire then you survived round one of cuts. You are now competing against students for limited spots and the entire person is considered. The stats on the class of 2020 give you a good median and break down of the class. All you can control is your own application. You have stated where you are below the median so work to strengthen your GPA as a senior. Make all As, take a tough schedule, show improvement and maturity in your weakest area. Continue to do things to set you apart and make a plan B in case you don't get in.

    At A Day yesterday the Flight Commander for my DS spoke about getting 2 TWEs before being accepted. He has excelled at the Academy but it took tremendous will and effort for him to get there. One of my DS roommates is a transfer from a ROTC program at a Big 10 school. These Cadets worked hard and had a plan B. In short, do your best and control what you can and try not to worry about what you can't control and what no one can answer - which is will your work be good enough this year.

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