1. kpanimaldad

    KP granted medical waiver, hold status now... but for how long?

    Two weeks ago, USMMA granted my daughter a medical waiver and her application status has been saying "hold" since then. When will we know if she will be receiving an appointment/getting rejected? If KP granted the medical waiver does this mean she's certain to get an appointment? New to this...
  2. K

    DS - Qualified academically, medically, and physically; 3Q on NWL

    I'm new to this forum, but see much valuable information. My DS just received great news today that he is medically qualified making him 3Q; Qualified academically, medically, and physically. The DoDMERB process went much faster than we ever expected so thrilled with that. Several weeks ago...
  3. N

    Portal status timeframe

    Hello all, I submitted my last piece of my application about 20 days ago and my status still remains blank. How long did it take for you all to be moved to hold? Thank you
  4. R

    Portal Status Changed to Hold - Oklahoma Applicant...

    Hello, DS portal status has changed to "hold". Thanks to this forum we understand our DS is now in the running for our state slot (x2) and we hope to know sometime in April if a trip to NY is in order...good luck to all! (Wife's cousin is a KP'r and completed his career in the USN after tooling...
  5. 1842


    DS received a letter dated 17 Jan 17 that DS was a Hold Candidate and placed on the National Wait List. DS max scored on the CFA, rated Qualified on the DODMERB, and received a congressional nomination to USMMA. Varsity sports, National Honor Society, AP Scholar, JROTC, Clubs, Work...
  6. N

    Hold Status Question

    Hello all, I recently was put on hold status, I understand that it is now competitive. I ended this semester with a C+ (78) mainly because the teacher is a nut...the highest grade in the class was maybe an 82 or 83. I'm being recruited as an athlete and obviously, I feel that this grade is...
  7. K

    Hold Status

    Anyone know what a hold status this early means? My profile just changed yesterday.