Hold Status Question


Mar 7, 2016
Hello all,
I recently was put on hold status, I understand that it is now competitive. I ended this semester with a C+ (78) mainly because the teacher is a nut...the highest grade in the class was maybe an 82 or 83. I'm being recruited as an athlete and obviously, I feel that this grade is lowering my chances of getting accepted. The only thing I feel that would raise my chances is trying one more time to improve my ACT score (28 currently).

Anything else I can do to improve my chances?
It's super early, and I don't think they're going to even see your senior grades. I didn't get my appointment till April 1st.
Nverge; Realistically, you can't address the 7th semester grades since they are done. If it is just one class, it will have a minimal effect on the overall GPA. But, you do have to send in 7th semester and 8th semester transcripts. With regards the ACT, There may be time to take it again. And, take the SAT again as well. Study or take a class for it. They do superscore. They will see what classes you are taking in the 8th semester, and, the 8th semester grades are required. If you are a recruited athlete, you should have an open line of communication with the Coach and his staff. I would be straight with them, and ask them the same question. If the teacher is "friendly" a supplemental letter of recommendation from him/her may address the low grade--but, it would also bring attention to it. And, go back and scrub where you may have some points that fell through the crack. Did you put eagle scout down. How about all of the volunteer work you did. All of the athletic teams, letters, awards. You probably have, but going back and supplementing if there is something else can't hurt. Good luck.