1. Mei_Mez07

    Class of 2029 Applicant: Extracurriculars

    Hello! I'm Mei and I really want to apply to go to the Naval Academy. I am currently a junior in high school. I want to study chemistry at the Naval Academy, and after serving my 9 years in the Navy I hope to go to medical school to be a doctor for the military (probably something with trauma...
  2. C

    Letters of Recommendation for Congressmen?

    I’m a junior currently in the process of seeking a congressional nomination to either USMA or USNA. Two of my area’s congressmen require three letters of recommendation each. Could I get only three letters and simply send each to both congressmen, or should I get six separate letters of...
  3. J

    PLC but I won't meet the age requirements?

    Hello everyone! I am currently a junior in high school and I have been planning my way to becoming a pilot for the USMC. Part of my plan involves going to PLC during college to get a guaranteed flight contract. I want to do PLC in my freshman and sophomore year rather than the 10 weeks for...
  4. M

    AP Physics 1 or C?

    I am a junior in high school interested in USNA currently taking Physics Honors. Would it be better to take AP Physics 1 or AP Physics C as a senior next year? Does USNA value AP Physics C significantly higher than AP Physics 1? I am also currently taking Pre-Calculus and will take AP...
  5. anna.polis2024

    Save the GPA?

    As I have come into my junior year of high school I have found that managing my time and the academic difficulty of my classes has been a huge road block for me. I am taking Chemistry, Leadership Development in Action, APUSH, Guidance Assisting, AP Lit/Comp, AP Environmental, Strength and...
  6. U

    NROTC as a Junior?

    Good Evening ladies and gentlemen, I was wondering if I may be eligible to join the Navy ROTC Program with approximately 55 credits? Thing is, I am pursuing a 6 year J.D. Program. So, I still have more than 2 years remaining. I heard of people getting contracted in Air Force ROTC, where they're...
  7. flygirl17

    How Do I Stack Up?

    I'm a HS junior planning on applying to the USNA and USCGA for the Class of 2022, because I come from a Navy family and the Coast Guard mission appeals to me. I'm wondering how my academic and athletic stats stack up with other people in my situation and/or people that have received appointments...
  8. flygirl17

    Academic Stats/Junior & Senior Schedules in Line?

    I'm a current junior who is tentatively applying to two service academies- my family is a Navy fam so I will be applying to USNA, and USCGA because their mission appeals to me. Lately I've been really worried about how my academics will stack up. In early December I emailed the track coach for...
  9. B

    AP Physics vs. AP Bio

    Hi everyone, I'm a junior in the process of selecting courses for next year and have come to the point where I must choose a science: AP Biology, AP Physics (Mechanics), or AP Physics (Electricity and Magnetism). Being that I am performing well in AP Chemistry this year, I'd like to take a...
  10. Severse Rhycology

    Candidate Questionnaire - When do I start?

    I'm entering my junior year in high school, and I am wondering when can/should I fill out the candidate questionnaire? Now? Does it not physically open until a certain date?
  11. G

    When to contact Congressmen?

    Hello all, I'm a Junior applying for the class of 2021 - I was wondering if now was an appropriate time to contact my respective congressmen. I know many are still sending out their nominations and many of their websites haven't updated yet (The due date still says 2015). I want to contact them...