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    Career After West Point

    Hello all, I am currently sitting on top of an LOA and I am fully qualified academically, physically, and medically. I had my Congressional Nomination interview this past Saturday and is just waiting for that result. I have been long wanting to attend West Point and in terms of my career I...
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    Question about Law and Legal Studies Degree

    2023 Appointee, here. I've been thinking about majors and came across the Law and Legal studies degree. That subject has always interested me, but outside of the military I can't think of any use that degree would be, aside from prep for Law School. Is this essentially a pure PreLaw degree with...
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    Does anybody know how early you can take the LSAT in preparation for your FLEP application? I know that LSAT's are valid for 5 years. Also that the average years of service for people accepted into FLEP is about 4 years. Common sense provides that I could take it my senior year (year before...
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    Law School

    I was wondering if anybody knows about any programs that allow cadets to go to law school after graduating from a university? It may also be important to mention that the said Cadet would have participated in ROTC and signed a contract to commission after he graduates from college.

    USNA majoring Question

    Is it possible to Major in Law and Legal Studies at USNA if not is it possible to be a lawyer if I forged a path as a USMC officer?
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    ED for pilot in law school?

    I am a high schooler trying to figure out a track for my future. I would like to participate in ROTC, but would also like to go to grad school before serving. Please tell me whether or not my plan below is feasible. 3 year bachelors --> 3 year law degree --> 4 year serving as a pilot I have...