letter of encouragement

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    DQ for history of OCD - shouldn't a unit-written observation and letter be sufficient?

    Recently, I was disqualified for having a "history of obsessive-compulsive disorder". While I am again in the waiver process and have submitted all AMI already, this is my second disqualification. I submitted full counselor notes, an update from my counselor saying that she never thought about...
  2. B

    Is this a Letter of Encouragement?

    I filled out West Point's Candidate Questionnaire a while back. I didn't even log in to my portal since then, but today I got the following email: Greetings from West Point, Based on the information you have provided us in your Candidate Questionaire, you are a highly competitive candidate...
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    LOE (Soldier Candidate Process)

    Hey guys a while back I got a LOE through email, around Auvust 20th, by an official from the Soldier Candidate process saying I'm ranked this number out of this number. Saying I got a good chance and to finish up my application as soon as possible. But when I look at my portal it shows no LOE...