USMA '27
Sep 21, 2022
Hello All,

I'm an applicant for West Point's class of 2027. I just logged into my portal and noticed that I received a Letter of Encouragement from the admissions team. What exactly does this mean? Is it rare for applicants to receive this, if so how many people get one? Do the other academies hand these out (I'm an applicant to USNA and USAFA as well)? I've done some research online, but I'd like to hear a rundown from the people on here. Thanks!
It is a positive sign in that admissions likes what it sees so far and would like to review your completed application. I think it is fairly common for USMA to send to competitive candidates. DS received such a letter and eventually received an appointment. Get busy, finish the application, and good luck!
You will see other threads on LOEs. The biggest advantage is that it allows you to do an overnight visit to the Academy. As said previously, it is a good sign and is meant to encourage you to complete other areas of your application and stay with it. Good luck!