medical recheck status

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    MRS & AFROTC Rated Board

    Hello, I am in AFROTC and will be competing in the rated board for a pilot slot this spring. I was put on MRS last semester for an ingrown toenail surgery. In early January I was released from MRS but unfortunately, the injury did not fully heal and I will be getting another surgery to get it...
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    Medically Disqualifying, Yr 3/4

    I recently recieved a memorandum disenrolling me for ROTC for “pulmonary embolism” as a disqualifying condition from Hughes, MG Commanding. (After only a medical review on paper.) I had a pulmonary embolism over a year ago after I contracted but after temporary anticoagulation and surgical...
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    Remedial Code confusion: Help Please

    Hello, I am applying for admission to West Point and have completed everything. I just got my DoDMERB back, and I have a few remedial codes that need to be worked out. I was wondering if anyone would have any suggestions on how I can accomplish this. I received the codes because when I was...
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    Stress Fracture, Dyskinesia, and Remedial

    Hello! I'm currently an AFROTC cadet. At the beginning of this semester, I was placed on MRS status for a tibial stress fracture in my right leg. Unfortunately, the doctor's note that the Detachment NCO submitted to DoDMERB also mentioned "scapular dyskinesia." I have since healed completely...