Apr 11, 2015

I'm currently an AFROTC cadet. At the beginning of this semester, I was placed on MRS status for a tibial stress fracture in my right leg. Unfortunately, the doctor's note that the Detachment NCO submitted to DoDMERB also mentioned "scapular dyskinesia." I have since healed completely and have no more problems. However, both of these issues have now shown up in my online DoDMERB portal and a remedial has been requested for both concerns.

My question is, will a quick note from an orthopedist explaining that I'm healed suffice to please the folks at Edgerton drive, or can a measly stress fracture and shoulder misplacement cause me a lot of trouble? Moreover, are there any suggestions on what to include in said doctor's note?

I've already had a heck of a time with DoDMERB when I first applied as a senior in high school, and I'd like to avoid a similar situation.
Go talk to your cadre, they'll give you specific instructions for what your doctor's note should contain. You should also be prepared to submit any supplemental records/x-rays etc. as needed. I fractured my wrist earlier this year and had no problem getting off of MRS after a doctor's note with specific wording was submitted along with x-rays that showed it was healed.