medical records

  1. G

    What to disclose to a recruiter and checking medical records

    Hi, I have been interested in joining the Air Force for years now. I am 23 and have decided it is finally time. The only thing I am still unsure about is the medical history, what disqualifies you, what you can get a waiver for, and checking medical records. I have been told so many times to...
  2. R

    Will I be automatically DQ?

    Hi there, I recently became "Board Ready" under my ROTC Cadet Command scholarship status! However, I feel as if my chances are slim of getting the scholarship. Even though the chances don't seem to high, I've decided to look at "next steps," just in case. DoDMERB is definitely on that list...
  3. RobertGDog

    Medical Records - Possible DQ

    Hello, First time posting. My DS is applying for the SA's and ROTC scholarships. We requested his medical records to see what is mentioned in them. We think he may have a disqualifying condition. He was (mis)diagnosed with Tourettes when he was 10 years old. Our DS had a tic (head twitch)...