1. T

    Sponsored Prep - Usmma 2020

    Anyone get offered a sponsored prep slot for MMI or NMMI?
  2. FØB Zero

    Class size

    Good afternoon all, I go to a high school with ~300+ students in each grade level. Thus, It is very competitive to attain the “big leadership positions” such as class officer / team captain in my school. Is this as a large, small, or average class size? And I assume they put the class size I nto...
  3. U

    MMI Application Process

    Howdy y’all, I recently began looking into various prep schools for USMA. I am a little bit unsure of the process of attending MMI. Are students given scholarships from USMA to attend MMI without applying to MMI? or, do I apply separately to the Marion Military Institute? If so, when does this...
  4. Jgbmom

    Joined in 2011 as a parent - now a grad mom

    I joined the Service Academy Forum in 2011 to assist my son's information gathering efforts regarding the United States Military Academy admissions, nominations, appointments, alternate choices, etc. The forums are amazing and the administrators do an amazing job to keep it real, objective and...
  5. H

    MMI - What to bring

    Besides the bare bones packing list provided in the student handbook, I was hoping previous/current cadets/parents could make recommendations on what to bring - laptop and/or desktop computer, fitbit, cell phone, alarm clock, scientific calculator, car, bike, school supplies, containers for...
  6. P

    Any sponsored preps/self preps in the SAP at MMI next year?

    I'd love to get to know some of yall before we meet! Also, does anyone know when we get a login for the MMI portal?
  7. peppypea

    Marion Military Parent's Weekend: A hint

    Hey folks, if you have a child that will be attending MMI next year and you will be able to make it to Parent's Weekend (October 18-20), I HIGHLY suggest booking your hotel in Marion as soon as you know that you will be there. There are two options in town and you really only want the one that...
  8. R

    How many years of those classes you need for Marion Military Institute?

    How many years of English, Math, Science, Social Studies do you need? Especially, would 3 years of science be fine? Sorry, I know I'm posting a lot today