1. abbyad01

    NETFOCUS and NROTC Scholarship

    Is anyone else having issues logging into netfocus? It won’t let me even onto the netfocus homepage. It keeps saying “this site can’t be reached”. Does this maybe mean they are posting NROTC scholarship results?
  2. C

    Netfocus Login Issues

    I started my NROTC (Marine Option) application last night and decided to finish it in the morning, but now I can't login. I either get a 403 error "Access is forbidden" or it basically refreshes the login screen without an error message. I know that I'm putting my password in right because it...
  3. T


    Hey all, I'm currently working on my NROTC Marine option application but when I try to log in to NETFOCUS, it just brings me back to the login with my info still in the username and password fields. Is there something up?
  4. F

    Error Trying to Submit NROTC App

    DS has been trying to get Netfocus to submit his NROTC app for several days. When he tries to Audit or to Submit, he gets an error message. However there is no error number and the contact info on the error page is for an office that no longer supports the NROTC app. They did send him some...