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    ROTC Scholarship Chance????

    I plan on applying for AROTC, NROTC, and AFROTC. I am currently a high school junior and plan on majoring in Aeronautical Engineering. GPA - 3.6 UW 3.76W SAT - 1150 (Planning to retake in 2 months) ACT - Have not taken yet Class Rank - Top 25% Classes - 4 Honors and 1 AP. Planning to take...
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    NJROTC Essay Help

    Hi guys I'm currently in 8th grade and Im applying to Naval Junior ROTC for high school. I have a good amount of skills that I can write about. Im a Boy scout, In the order of the arrow, an alter server, captain of my travel soccer team, helped during sandy, a black belt, and I help my dad at...
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    Applying for USNA...but bad resume

    Hello everyone! This will be my first thread since I've joined this forum. I entered high school with no thoughts of attending a military academy or enlisting in the military. My school offers NJROTC as an option for PE credit, so I decided to join NJROTC, because I believed that it would be...