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Oct 13, 2016
Hi guys I'm currently in 8th grade and Im applying to Naval Junior ROTC for high school. I have a good amount of skills that I can write about. Im a Boy scout, In the order of the arrow, an alter server, captain of my travel soccer team, helped during sandy, a black belt, and I help my dad at the firehouse. I have cousins in the army if that means anything. What they look for in the essay is why you want to join and why you are a good asset. At max the essay can be 250 words. Can anyone help me out with it?
“The thing we all had in common wasn’t muscle; it was the will to do whatever it takes.”-Chris Kyle I was thinking of using this quote too, what do you guys think?
That's Chris Kyles quote. You're a smart young guy develop your own mantra and follow it. Your Dad And Scouts will teach you some huge lessons in life. And that is "Leadership Through Service". The guys at the firehouse will be great mentors to you, follow their words and your sport teammates will start to see a candidate well prepared for a service academy one day. Work hard at school, I mean work real hard at your grades! Learn to read.....two purposes of reading, 1. Reading to learn. and 2. Learning to read for your enjoyment. (you learn about great people like Earnest Shackleton the great explorer, The Endurance. You'll go on his adventure without ever leaving your room)

Set goals for yourself, make them attainable and set time limits to them.

Visit the Service Academy admissions webs sites and follow the classes you will need in high school

You're off on a great start!!

Your essay is done, you just don't know it. Look at your goals and the desire you want. Exploit your thoughts and desire, you have a book of your life already there. You just need to look at the man in the mirror and ask him "what do I want!"

Push Hard, Press Forward
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