1. WW1UFI

    Are Nomination Apps Rolling?

    So I know that many of the nomination apps open at different times, mine range from September 27 to November 8th, but is sooner better? As I understand it it doesn't matter when you submit it because the nomination sources have their own committees that look at all the apps after the deadline...
  2. I

    Any CPR receive TWE?

    This is more of a curiosity to see where the admissions process is at but has anyone that was CPR with a nom received a TWE for 2023?
  3. MickeysDad

    Need Clarification: Attending USAFA Prep School with MOC Nomination

    Hi Everyone - Our DD received a MOC nomination in late Dec., 2016, followed by an offer/appointment to the USAFA Prep School, Class of 2018. We are so proud of her! Can someone please help clarify and confirm that after she successfully completes the ten-month PS program, our DD will NOT need...
  4. B

    California NOM with LOA

    Daughter received LOA in October and interviewed with one senator and one congresswoman-other senator never responded to application. Received one "no" and are being strung out on congressional results. Promised before Christmas, then updated to early January and still no word. Anyone else out...
  5. J

    LOA but no Nomination...

    In a state of disbelief right now. I went through my congressman's nomination process relatively confident due to receiving an LOA beforehand as well as being told by admissions that I am one of, if not the best in my district. My application was great, the interview was "meh" (Not bad, but...