nominating source

  1. FØB Zero

    Resume Format

    Hi, I know for etiquette, it is proper to give a 1 page long resume. However, for college/university/SA admissions (or nominations in this case), I feel that they want to know as much as possible about each candidate. If my resume is 2 pages printed, should I cut out certain activities and...
  2. FØB Zero

    When can a Teacher Submit Letters of Rec?

    Hello friends, When is the letter of recommendation spot open for noms? (Can we submit them mid summer?) Can my teacher submit nomination letters at the same time as the academy letters of rec in mid summer? What month best to ask my junior yr teachers to write a rec (since during summer...
  3. Kabobthebob

    Balancing Nominations

    Hey guys, I am interested in all of the Service Academies (USMA 1st choice), and I am wondering how I should balance all of my nomination selections. All of my representatives ask for only one academy preference, and I don't have a strategy yet on how I should go about filling them out. I know...
  4. N

    Service-Connected Nomination Sources

    Hello, I am in the process of applying for nominations and am confused. Is the Secretary of the Army nomination capable of nominating active duty soldiers? If so, how would I apply? The portal has a document which has a box to check for the way in which you qualify for the SecArmy's...
  5. I

    Contacting MOC

    Hello, I have already received my nom and have been CPR since 1/8/19. So far there haven't been any appointments posted on here from IN and wondered if it would be out of line to contact my MOC office and ask if they have heard any news about any appointments?
  6. M

    Competitive vs Principal Nomination

    For USMA and USNA would my DS's portal show whether it is a competitive or a principal nomination or would that only be spelled out in a letter from the MOC? DS received word from USMA via email that he got the nomination and then when he checked his portal it was there (checked off and showing...