Appointment Notif?

    Hello there! Currently, I am sitting on an LOA and fully complete application (including senatorial nomination), but I am curious as to how I will be notified if I am chosen for an appointment. Is this done by mail, in my candidate portal, both (if so in which order)?!
  2. C

    NROTC notification?

    Hello all, I am currently a senior in high school, and I've applied for both USNA and NROTC at Arizona State University. I was admitted for Tier 1 Astronautics into ASU, while currently awaiting Honors College decision. I've seen some posts about NROTC candidates being notified: I haven't...
  3. J

    NROTC acceptance and College Match?

    My son has completed his packet and interview. He's hoping for what the recruiter said will be an early look in September. He is in the process of completing his college applications, most early action, early decision notifications are in December and regular notification January through March...
  4. JGreenberg1191

    NROTC Navy Option Notified

    I just checked the portal this morning, and I was not awarded the scholarship. I was rather surprised considering my credentials: 700 SAT equivalents on both sections, 3.9 GPA, 3 AP classes (all other classes were honors), very impressive results on my AFA, and I was admitted into both my #1...
  5. C

    NROTC Scholarship Notification

    Hello, I submitted my application for the NROTC scholarship back in August and the AFROTC scholarship in November. Navy is my number one choice and I truly feel like I put a lot of effort into my application. My recruiter told me that the boards meet approx. once a month and release results...