1. M

    Switching from NROTC-MO to Naval Nurse scholarship

    My daughter was awarded the Marine options scholarship and started nursing school. Her heart was set on being a Marine, but she thought the nursing program would give her a fallback plan if she decided to just complete her required service. She now really likes the nursing program and would like...
  2. S

    What are my chances of getting NROTC-MO Scholarship?

    I am a senior in high school. I have a 4.23 cumulative GPA (3.87 unweighted) and have been a member of the National Honor Society since 2016. I am in the top 10% of my class. I just want to keep my options open because I applied for AROTC and if I don't get NROTC-MO I'll apply for PLC or OCC...
  3. 1

    Chances of NROTC MO

    Hi, I just started my application for NROTC MO and I know its a little early but i wanted to have a lot of tie to put my best foot forward and all! I've been working with a Marine Recruiter on my application to make sure I get everything done right. I havent taken the PFT yet but im hoping I...
  4. 21Marinemom

    3 year scholarship question

    My DS is currently a freshman at a military junior college hoping to attend Auburn or Texas A&M on a 3 year scholarship. He originally chose the school he is at now for USNA prep but decided it wasn't right for him. In order to apply for the 3 year scholarship-(MO) does he have to be a college...