3 year scholarship question


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Apr 19, 2017
My DS is currently a freshman at a military junior college hoping to attend Auburn or Texas A&M on a 3 year scholarship. He originally chose the school he is at now for USNA prep but decided it wasn't right for him. In order to apply for the 3 year scholarship-(MO) does he have to be a college programmer at the university in which he wants to attend? NROTC website gives May 31 as the deadline, the Marine Officer Instructor at Auburn told him it was too late and he could come in as a college programmer. Just hoping for a little clarification on what his next step should be.
One cannot apply for a three year scholarship without already being enrolled in NROTC, to the best of my knowledge. He MAY be eligible to apply for a regular 4 year NROTC MO scholarship during his freshman year which could then be treated as a three year. That seems to be standard operating procedure for NROTC these days. What I'm not clear on is whether your son would be considered a freshman for these purposes. He might speak to a Navy or Marine officer at Texas A&M about that.
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Keep in mind that if your DS chooses to join the Corps of Cadets at TAMU, he may be eligible for in-state tuition rates which is a big savings.

Another thing, there are substantially more AROTC scholarships offered than NROTC/MO's. My DS was all about NROTC/MO at first but ended up earning a campus based AROTC scholarship during his freshman year at a State University.