nrotc scholarship

  1. J

    NROTC MO PFT Questions

    Hello, I will be taking my pft next Sunday 1/28 and just had a few questions regarding the test. - Am I allowed to wear a watch during the 3 mile run? I'm worried about pacing myself and figured I could use one of those watches that display your mile time - I've heard from different sources that...
  2. W

    Apply to USCGA while under NROTC Scholarship in Freshman year of College

    I am currently a highschool senior applying to the Coast Guard Academy with a backup being the NROTC scholarship. If I do not receive an appointment to USCGA yet I receive an NROTC Scholarship would I be able to still apply/attend the Coast Guard Academy during my freshman year of college?
  3. A

    NROTC Scholarship and Reapplication to USNA

    Hello, I have a question regarding the reapplication process to USNA and the acceptance of an NROTC scholarship. I am currently applying to the Naval Academy for the class of 2024. If I don't get an appointment, my plan B is to apply for a 4-year NROTC scholarship and reapply to the Naval...
  4. abbyad01

    NROTC Marine Corps Option Scholarship Results

    I just got my results from my Staff Sergeant!! I got the 4 year NROTC Marine Corps Option Scholarship!! I will be attending UNF (University of North Florida) in the fall. I’m so excited and grateful for this opportunity. If you’re wondering my stats are: (17 year old female in Florida)...
  5. F

    NROTC Marine Option Chances

    Hello, I am an applicant for the 2019 NROTC scholarship and I was wondering if some insight could be given into my chances of receiving it; keep in mind this is for the Marine Option so the stats are different. I’ve been confused on what to believe about the accepted statistics, looking at the...
  6. abbyad01

    NROTC MO Scholarship

    just found out today that i wasn’t not selected for the early decision nrotc no scholarship. I was told only 4 people from the south marine recruiting stations were selected. What this means is that the second board that convenes February 11th should produce more selections. I’m still pretty...
  7. abbyad01

    Info on NROTC Scholarship Results??

    I was part of the early decision board for this year’s NROTC MO Scholarship but I have yet to hear back good or bad news. I am aware that the west coast and a bunch of other states have had their results announced but I haven’t heard anyone from Florida get their results yet? I reside in FL and...
  8. abbyad01

    NETFOCUS and NROTC Scholarship

    Is anyone else having issues logging into netfocus? It won’t let me even onto the netfocus homepage. It keeps saying “this site can’t be reached”. Does this maybe mean they are posting NROTC scholarship results?
  9. B

    Army ROTC 4-Year vs. NROTC ISR

    Hello all, I have received a 4-year Army ROTC scholarship to Princeton, MIT, and Cornell. I have also received a NROTC ISR scholarship (to any NROTC school I think), and I'm waiting on my AFROTC HSSP scholarship decisions to come out on 12/23. I have to accept/decline my Army ROTC scholarship...
  10. A

    What are my chances of an NROTC scholarship based on these stats?

    I was not planning to apply to ROTC until about a week ago, so wasn't conscious of my how my resume would look through high school, but here's what I got: F, high school senior (does being a female applicant increase chances at all?) SAT: 780 RW + 730 M = 1510. Plan on retaking this August in...
  11. S

    NROTC-MO Scholarship Results?

    My SSgt said that the board finished convening this past week. Any idea of when I will hear back? I applied for the last board. I've gotten better PFT scores after training with the poolees at my local RSS but unfortunately it's too late to send my newest scores. I'm starting the process of...
  12. N

    NROTC Credit Limit

    Hi! I am currently a freshman in college and I applied for the 4 year scholarship, I have heard of the 30 credit limit for collegiate students, and I was wondering if anyone knew if they count all credits completed in the first year. I will be at 30 at the end of spring semester, but I submitted...