1. S

    NROTC Nurse Scholarship Transfer Between Schools

    Hi all. I hear that NROTC Nurse Scholarship decisions come out in April but if I'm selected for one I would like to change the school I want it to be applied to. (College visit last week changed my mind) Does anyone have experience with this and/or knows if there will be enough time to transfer...
  2. M

    Nursing scholarship major change

    Hey all. I wanted to get some insight on the options that my brother has. Any thoughts would help. He is an Army ROTC nursing scholarship recipient. He is currently finishing his second semester of his freshman year up. A couple of days ago when he came home (due to quarantine) he told the...
  3. L

    Navy Nurse Corps

    Hi! Have any 2020 applicants heard back yet on their applications?
  4. N

    Nurse options

    My DD is very interested in the SA, however, she is fairly sure she wants to be a nurse. Are there tracks to be an RN in the SA's. My research tells me there is nothing "traditional" and I know about ROTC options but want to exhaust this research and this forum is amazing so I thought I would...
  5. N

    Nursing ROTC

    My DD is a high school junior and extremely interested in a nursing rotc program. I would really love some general advice and information about the experience before, during and after (graduation). Much appreciated.
  6. N

    USNA vs. NROTC Nursing

    Hi all, I am aware that these are two very different programs, but I just wanted to know regarding the quality of life of both programs and what you believe are the benefits/drawbacks of each. Just some background - I want to be a naval officer. After my commission at USNA (if I get in), I was...
  7. A

    AFROTC: Confused about how EA and Rated Boards work...?

    I am a AS100 cadet. I am thinking of switching my major to nursing and have a few quick question. 1. For the EA boards does a nursing EA mean you have to/will be branched into nursing. 2. Can nursing major get a non-tech/rated EA(if those still exist I keep hearing different things)? 3. Can a...
  8. S

    Army ROTC Scholarship Interview Tips

    Hello, I have applied for the AROTC 4-year Nursing Scholarship and I have my interview with a PMS on Monday. Here are my credentials: 3.6 Unweighted//3.85 Weighted GPA 1300 SAT (650 M/650 CR&W) Co-Captain of Varsity Cheerleading Four AP classes with 4 on all exams Member of National Honor...
  9. Essos


    Finally, I'm to the final step to completing my NROTC Scholarship Application! After filling out almost all the remarks, and choosing my desired colleges, I will just need to finish this 2500 max word essay. Recently, I have just finished my rough (verrryyyy rough) draft and I just need a few...
  10. hardknock96

    Brother wanting to become a nurse in the military

    My brother decided to follow a path of becoming a Nurse, in the Army or Air Force. I want to help him with his goal. I know of the process concerning the qualifications needed, and how boards and these scholarships work; however, I don't know so much of how the nursing world works and he what...