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    Lingering Questions Regarding Slots

    Hello all, I’m a high school senior applying to USAFA from Texas. My district is one that USAFA recruits athletes from. FYI, I am not a blue chip/recruit. Annually, there have always been 2 recruits. This year, I heard of at least 3 athletes who committed to USAFA before I even opened my...
  2. V

    3Q and unlucky with Nom

    What will happened to SA application?
  3. L

    Prep School

    Does an applicant's ranking in the NWL dictate whether he or she gets to go to sponsored prep school? Example A: an applicant was just on the bubble for getting in USMMA, but ultimately does not. But because this applicant was so close, does this applicant get an offer to prep school? Or is...
  4. D

    Confused on how the NWL works

    I have gotten a nomination from my representative, but they're having a breakfast where they're announcing who will be getting the principal nomination. I have high hopes since I know my rep appointed 6-8 people for Air Force, and my interview and application were strong. If I don't get the...
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    DS - Qualified academically, medically, and physically; 3Q on NWL

    I'm new to this forum, but see much valuable information. My DS just received great news today that he is medically qualified making him 3Q; Qualified academically, medically, and physically. The DoDMERB process went much faster than we ever expected so thrilled with that. Several weeks ago...
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    NWL and MOC Who Doesn't Rank

    Hey guys, I was notified that I am on the NWL. I've heard this means I didn't get the slot for my MOC's slate, but I read on this forum that with a MOC who doesn't rank candidates, such as mine, all of the candidates in my MOC slate are placed on NWL and the one who gets selected for the slot is...
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    National Waiting List and Should I be Concerned?

    I am currently triple qualified with the 2nd district nomination from NC. I have had the notification that I have been put on the National Waiting List since February 14; However, it is to my understanding that all candidates without LOA's have been put on the NWL. Since then I have not heard...