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    Test Question

    Are the medical and optometry exams the only things we need for DODMERB? I’ve heard people talk about orthodontic exams but that doesn’t even pop up on my DODMETS portal. can someone clarify?
  2. M

    Invisalign at USAFA

    I know similar threads have been posted here, but my current situation is slightly different. My current medical status is marked as “incomplete”, because during my survey and medical exam I noted currently having orthodontic work. The work is purely cosmetic, however, after sending the required...
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    Retainers on I-Day

    Hello, I’ll be starting Plebe Summer on Thursday with the class of 2022 and had a question specifically regarding dental retainers. I got a permanent metal wire retainer put in behind my bottom front teeth after my braces were removed and I have a clear plastic retainer for the top teeth that I...