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  1. G

    I want to get into this academy but my high school doesn't offer any sports and on the application it says sports are suggested? Any tips or advice?

    I go to a school in South Texas that has no sports and I am worried about not being able to get in. I have a 4.0 GPA, 2nd in my class, and several college credits. I have about 100 hours of volunteer hours, I am the captain of my school's math and chess teams and we have gone to nationals every...
  2. F

    Navy O.C.S. - Do I have a chance?

    Hello, my name is Gage Nawrocki; I just created this account to begin my research before applying. I am planning to enroll in OCS for the Navy, I am currently pursuing my B.A.S. in business management. I know I am getting ready to get ragged on for not obtaining a technical degree, business is...
  3. beepybeetle

    Which class ranking should I use?

    My NROTC package coordinator is really trying to get me to submit my package by the end of this week, and I'm pretty dang close to getting it through, but I just need to submit my class ranking and finish my essay. However, my school couselor gave me both a 9-12 ranking and a 10-12 ranking, and...