DoDMERB waivers with eating disorder, anxiety (other specified), and EpiPen


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Sep 21, 2021
Hi there!

I am 20yr old female and going through the dodmerb process right now. I am an AFROTC cadet and hopefully should be going to field training this year (as500 because dodmerb wasnt cleared in time)

So some background, when I was 16 I was a competitive swimmer and generally very active. My mother and my father are divorced and my mom had just recovered from unemployment, so whenever I was at her house I wasn't eating enough. This led to me complaining to my school counselor that I didn't like the food I was eating (lots of processed fast foods) and I felt it was a detriment to my performance. I was referred to a doctor in my city and was then diagnosed with an eating disorder and anxiety. Throughout the entire ideal I pushed back because I was at a very normal weight for my height and age, I was 5'6 and weighted 140lbs. My mom would continuously complicate the situation by not listening to me and calling my doctor and telling them dumb things like I wasnt grabbing milk with my cereal (i just enjoyed dry cereal as a snack at night), and it made it very difficult to get all of it to blow over. I was in monthly appointments for about a year until it all blew over. This started in 2017 and ended in 2018.

Anyways, I had to send up my records to dodmerb because I marked it on my survey (i had to, its very explicitly on my medical record). I explained the situation as best as I could. I dont have anxiety nor an eating disorder. I never binged, purged, hurt myself, counted calories, etc. in regards to anxiety i never self harmed, thought about hurting myself or others, and was never hospitalized or put on medications for any of these issues.

I was also prescribed an EpiPen in 2016 for a mild allergic reaction to a bee sting, it expired in 2018 and I've never used it. I never got it refilled/replaced. I didn't initially mark it on my survey because I had never had an allergic reaction since then so I didnt think it was important. I got stung twice by a bee this summer and I didnt have an allergic reaction. I didn't realize that having an EpiPen for insect stings could be disqualifying. I'm medically trained and I would have known if I needed to use it.

I was informed today that my letters and medical records weren't sufficient enough, and they will send up my records to the waiver authority once I send them another letter explaining dizziness/fainting and headaches, which I didn't even know was on my record, but I have never experienced. the question here is, what steps can I take now to get a waiver approved for anxiety and eating disorder? As well as the EpiPen. I know that they are very hard to get. I want to know what my chances of getting through this are.
Send me an email:; provide complete name and last 4 SSN; provide the text of your posting above to YOUR email. The subject line of the email should be “mrdanneh -SAF =DoDMERB waivers with eating disorder, anxiety (other specified), and EpiPen .“ Do NOT embed links in your email as I will not be able to view those. :wiggle: