principal nomination

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    Confused on how the NWL works

    I have gotten a nomination from my representative, but they're having a breakfast where they're announcing who will be getting the principal nomination. I have high hopes since I know my rep appointed 6-8 people for Air Force, and my interview and application were strong. If I don't get the...
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    USMA Principal Nomination Question

    Hey Service Academy Community! I recently received a letter saying that I was my MOC principal nomination for USMA from my congressman. After reading through the forum of what a principal nomination is I am very excited but still have a few questions. 1. When does west point send out the 3Q's...
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    Received an LOA - unsure about principal noms

    Hello! First-time poster here. I’m a candidate for USMA and received a nomination from my district congresswoman. Now, as I have not spoken with her yet, I am unsure if I am a principal nominee. Since I have an LOA though, and received the nomination, does that mean I have an almost 100% chance...
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    My chances at an appointment

    Hi, I’ve been surfing the forums for a few weeks now but have just gotten around to actually making an account, and I have one aching question: what are my chances? Some stuff about me: I am an Illinois resident (IL-11) however, I currently live overseas in Belgium. I am a senior and attend an...
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    State Nomination Threads - Moderated

    Just received my nomination to USMA from Jay Inslee (WA-01)! Now the wait.... Anyone else hear from Washington?!
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    Competitive vs Principal Nomination

    For USMA and USNA would my DS's portal show whether it is a competitive or a principal nomination or would that only be spelled out in a letter from the MOC? DS received word from USMA via email that he got the nomination and then when he checked his portal it was there (checked off and showing...
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    NWL and MOC Who Doesn't Rank

    Hey guys, I was notified that I am on the NWL. I've heard this means I didn't get the slot for my MOC's slate, but I read on this forum that with a MOC who doesn't rank candidates, such as mine, all of the candidates in my MOC slate are placed on NWL and the one who gets selected for the slot is...
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    Principal Nominee Undergoing Remedial?

    I have an interesting question here. I'm wondering what would happen if a candidate was slated as principal nominee for an MOC but was currently waiting for decision on remedial? Would admissions select a different appointee for that vacancy? Or would that only apply if the principal nominee was...
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    Questions about Congressional Nominations

    So I've heard there there are 3 ways for MOC to make nominations to the USNA: 1. There's a principal nominee who the USNA has to admit into the academy if they meet the requirements 2. There's a principal nominee and all the other nominees are ranked in order of preference 3. All nominees are...