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    Graduate School (Clinical Psych, PsyD) - Tuition Assistance

    Hi everyone, I am currently an Army NG SMP cadet and junior in college and will be applying to graduate programs for clinical psychology this summer into fall 2020. A big factor of where I end up will be based on the funding I receive for the program. How does tuition assistance work for...
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    DD2807-1 Reporting Change in Medical History

    Hey all, first time poster trying to find some answers. I am in my MSIII year in ROTC and we are gearing up to go to Advanced Camp this summer. Part of that is filling out the DD2807-1/2808 series of forms to report our medical history. Well, in my camp physical form I marked I had seen a...
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    Waiver and cadre error

    Hi, First, I must apologize for the vagueness of this information. My DS is in graduate school and has been handling this situation on his own. He is reticent with info b/c he does not want his parents intervening; however, I need help understanding what is going on and if anything can be done...