1. Apples-And-Oranges

    Can you get disqualified for meeting with a counselor?

    If I go see my parents marriage counselor with them to try to help one of my parents and me get along better, will that disqualify me? I've looked on these forums and don't see any questions like mine. It's not depression or that there's any mental illness or anything, we just want help getting...
  2. T

    VMI or Citadel? Psych major and USMC Commission

    Hey yall, I'm a current senior looking to major in psychology and commission into the Marines, and I have several questions on how to decide between the two. I've been browsing the forums, but most of the posts I've run into are for AROTC commissions which don't really help me that much. As...
  3. J

    Graduate School (Clinical Psych, PsyD) - Tuition Assistance

    Hi everyone, I am currently an Army NG SMP cadet and junior in college and will be applying to graduate programs for clinical psychology this summer into fall 2020. A big factor of where I end up will be based on the funding I receive for the program. How does tuition assistance work for...
  4. U

    DD2807-1 Reporting Change in Medical History

    Hey all, first time poster trying to find some answers. I am in my MSIII year in ROTC and we are gearing up to go to Advanced Camp this summer. Part of that is filling out the DD2807-1/2808 series of forms to report our medical history. Well, in my camp physical form I marked I had seen a...
  5. Y

    Waiver and cadre error

    Hi, First, I must apologize for the vagueness of this information. My DS is in graduate school and has been handling this situation on his own. He is reticent with info b/c he does not want his parents intervening; however, I need help understanding what is going on and if anything can be done...