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    Can you fail the ABS Tests

    I was wondering if your ABS skill assessment tests can be failed or if they are strictly for placement into a math course. If you do poorly on the math exam, would USNA reconsider your offer?
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    Questions Regarding Medical Record Supplemental Medical Data (NHCLANNA 6510/2) Form

    On the Medical Record Supplemental Medical Data (NHCLANNA 6510/2), the top of the form says, "For use of this form, see requiring document. Form is not valid without Requiring Document, Issuance Date, Local Form Number, and Edition Date." What is the requiring document and issuance date? I...
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    COVID-19 Vaccine Screening Form and Immunization Questionnaire

    Is it possible for someone who has access to these two documents to reply to this thread with a link that works for those who can’t get their Adobe, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc, to open the documents? I was wondering if they downloaded the links into a pdf and posted them here if it would...