1. CrossMT 07

    Recommendations for Air Force Academy

    Hey all, I am 14 years old and I have made the decision to apply for USAFA when I am 17. I am looking for advice on what to do now to strengthen my application. I am a freshman in a STEM high school, I take 10th-grade math, pre-ap biology, CE (Concurrent Enrollment at a college) English...
  2. W

    Multiple questions about possible AFROTC

    Hi! I had never previously seriously considered doing service academy or ROTC, but recently I’ve been thinking about doing AFROTC during college. However, I have lots of questions: 1. I read that the service requirement is 4 years of active duty following graduation. I’ve also heard that there...
  3. B

    NROTC Questions??

    hi!! it's been a while since i've been pretty active but i know it's about the time that the last TWEs are going to be sent out soon, and people will be weighing other options. I'm currently finishing up my freshman year as a college programmer in an NROTC unit at a private 4-year university...
  4. W

    SLE Questions

    Hello! I was recently accepted to the 2018 SLE program, and I have some questions. Any thoughts from previous attendees would be greatly appreciated! :) 1. I've done a reasonable amount of weight training and gotten substantially stronger, but I'm not a runner. As in, I'm really not a runner...
  5. S

    General Questions

    Hi, I am currently a sophomore in high school planning to apply for the Naval Academy. I have some general questions and would love advice if you have any. Currently I have about a 4.2/4.3 weighted GPA and will most likely finish high school around there. I've been preparing for the SAT as...
  6. alexFL1

    Questions about USCGA Life

    I have tried to do some research on the Academy, but there just isn't much info online so I have a few questions. Please feel free to answer ones that you feel comfortable answering, thanks! 1- At Navy I know they have quirky rules for freshman like squaring corners and making chow calls. How...
  7. GA-14classof2020app

    Gauging my chances and a question I couldn't find an answer for in the search

    I'm going to start with the question I'm still unsure about. This way not everyone has to read the questions about my chances. Sorry this post is so long. I had completed everything in my file, but didn't have my last optional recommendation letter until about three weeks ago. I wanted to turn...
  8. zachserna7

    Current Student - Open for Questions!

    Hello everyone! I used to use this forum a lot while applying, and the one thing that it needed was actual students answering questions, instead of the person who heard from their friend who heard from another person. I currently am a sophomore at the Academy and can answer any questions about...