1. PMNavy


    I'm currently in the 8th grade and looking forward to applying for the Naval Academy's STEM program. The question I have is whether or not you must have a PSAT score or if it is just recommended. I have great grades, good athletics, and STEM experience but no PSAT score. Anything helps, thanks!
  2. PMNavy

    What's the best way to increase your chances of getting into the USNA while in Middle School?

    What courses and classes could I take to help me stand out from other applicants?
  3. G

    Current USAFA C/27 Doolie AMA

    Admissions, life at the Academy, etc.
  4. J

    Nomination Question

    Sorry if this has been asked to death but there’s something I’m still not getting about the nomination process, even after going to the SS and trying to find out online. Do they just throw everyone with a nomination into a category and then select the most qualified people or do they have to...
  5. E

    Korean Dual Citizen

    Hello, I just recently got my appointment to USAFA! The one thing that is holding me back right now is my dual citizenship. As a dual citizen of Korea and the US, I need to serve in the Korean military to maintain my dual citizenship as they have a mandatory conscription. Is there any way that I...
  6. C

    "Leadership Program"

    Hello, I am currently applying to the Air Force Academy for the class of 2027, but I have a unique situation: I go to a small school (class size of 20), and this school doesn't offer any clubs, organizations, student newspapers etc, instead they have a "Leadership Program" There are several...
  7. G

    Application extension

    Hi, I am a candidate for the naval academy and i even got my congressional nomination i was supposed to take my cfa and bgo interview this week and i know the deadline is the 31. Unfortunately I have tested positive for Covid yesterday i already emailed my bgo and the officer in charge of...
  8. V

    Got some questions

    Hey, I am wanting to do NROTC to become an aviator. I am finding it hard to figure out the process in getting in. I really am going for the scholarship because of financial things going on. I am seeing things like an officer interview. Do I apply for college first? or do I apply to NROTC? Where...
  9. M

    USAFA Prep

    Hello! A few days ago I was offered an appointment to USAFA prep! I have a few questions about what this means for my future. I watched a few videos that said that USAFAPS is for candidates that were good in almost all of their application but had one or two things they needed to improve on, is...
  10. A

    NROTC HS Class of 2022 questions

    Hi, I am currently a junior in high school and had a few questions to people who have received nrotc scholarships in the past. 1. When should I first reach out to my recruiter? 2. Is there a benefit to applying earlier, let’s say in the summer, vs in the winter? 3. How do you coordinate...
  11. W

    Question Concerning Asthma and a Recent Surgery

    Hello everyone. I just finished AFROTC orientation and I loved it, and I sincerely hope I can continue doing it during college. However, I have a few medical problems I am afraid DoDMERB is going to smack me down for, with or without the necessary waivers. Here's some quick background info: 1...
  12. B

    GPA, class rank, and other questions

    I am currently a junior in high school, with an approximate GPA of 3.6. This worries me b/c I have researched average GPA's of Midshipman and they are around 3.8. I am taking challenging IB courses and have little "padding" from classes that aren't very difficult. I am somewhere around the...
  13. R

    Help: When will DoDMERB Contact me?

    I have completed everything on the application for USAFA, USMMA, and USCGA except for the essays (which I'm working on, I just want them to be as good as possible before submitting). My question; is DodDMERB supposed to contact me for my medical examination? Or do I contact them? And do I need...
  14. M

    Chances at AROTC and AFROTC Scholarships

    Hello! This is my first post on this forum, I have been reading a lot of the previous posts and thought I would start my own. Any replies, advice, and/or constructive criticism would be much appreciate. I have just completed the AROTC application and interview this coming week, I also plan on...
  15. flyblu

    Tips on Meeting the Weight Reqs?

    Hello, So, I applied for AFROTC and got disqualified because of SAT scores. However, I am not quitting so I am re-applying again for Spring 2020. So, I have a little problem. I am about 4 feet and 11 inches tall and I weigh 85.5 pounds. I would love to meet the requirements for AFROTC. Are...
  16. SundanceKidd

    09R Freshman and ROTC: Questions

    Alright so basically, I'm technically not a freshman, I have 26 credits already but am still going to be attending college for another four years. I am transferring to The Citadel military college next semester for their nursing program. Currently, I'm set up as a 4-year student because I...
  17. R

    Aerospace/aeronautical engineer in military question

    I’ve been interested in aerospace/ aeronautical engineering for a long time and i’ve recently considered the officer military route. I’m about the graduate HS, I’m considering AF and NAVY since they are the biggest in aviation I assume. I’m leaning towards the Navy since I enjoy the ocean. I...
  18. S

    Can I still turn my nomination in

    I'm in 11th grade. I submitted my pre candidate questionnaire, but I did not get a nomination. Should I get my nomination and keep the questionnaire submitted, or should I take out the questionnaire? Also how does the nomination status update? It currently says none. Really dumb question here...
  19. CrossMT 07

    Air Force Prepatory School

    Good Afternoon, I was just wondering how you apply to the USAFA prep school? I was going to use this as a backup if I don't get accepted to USAFA. Is it a separate application or does everyone who applies gets considered for a prep school appointment? I plan to apply out of high school. Thanks...
  20. CrossMT 07

    Air Force Application Review

    Good Afternoon (To all you all in the mountain time zone), I just want to know what kind of things the Academy puts a lot of bulk in when applying. I know they like people who are involved in the community, diverse applicants, and academics but is there any specific examples they look for? Do...