1. I

    New DoDMERB required?

    Good afternoon everyone, I am a college reapplicant for '27 currently on an NROTC scholarship. I am medically waived and in good standing for ROTC, no new injuries or conditions. Does anyone know if I will need a completely new exam for USNA, or if I will just have to update? I fear the process...
  2. P

    College Reapplicant SOE

    Good morning everyone, Had a question that is recently stumping my application and I. I am a college reapplicant and have completed all of my file apparentally apart from my SOE (school official evaluation). On my side, I stated to my RC that I have completed my SOE as I have submitted a ROTC...
  3. I

    Reapplicant with academic issues

    Good morning everyone, I hope you’re all well. I’m a reapplicant to the academy whose browsed the forums a lot in the past without an account, but I need some insight on my academic situation. I’m a contracted cadet and 4-year national scholarship winner with my ROTC battalion, which is a...
  4. S

    I cannot fit physics into my schedule, what should I do?

    Hello, Here’s a little background on me. I am a sophomore in college on a full ride through merit based scholarships. I plan on enlisting in the guard for the fall semester and taking a semester of school to go to OSUT. After I have a assurance letter that I will be accepted into the ROTC...
  5. USMA2026Cadet

    LOA/LOE & College

    I’m a college reapplicant and was wondering if I would be qualified to receive a LOA/LOE if my SSK is fully submitted in August, with the parts I can complete (so not college transcript or activities), but I’d still be missing a few SOEs because of college. Meaning my candidate statements, HS...