Re-Applicant Thread


Mar 9, 2021
Hi, I am starting this thread for those who need support or help with their re-application to the academy. I wanted to start this thread because in the past year, I met one of my closest friends from SAF from my state and we supported each other through this application which made it much more bearable. If you need help or support or someone pushing you here ya go!

Also parents: please do not use this thread to spread negativity on personal opinions regarding re-application to the Naval Academy. If we as adults are choosing to reapply to USNA 2x, 3x, 4x etc, it's because a career in the Navy is our dream.

Thanks :)
If anyone has questions about reapplication. I am a second time applicant on the Waitlist and know exactly why I am on it. PM if you have any questions.
Would AROTC or AFROTC have similiar weight on a reapplication as NROTC? I know you cant get a nomination from either like NROTC but I was curious if the admissions board would give the other branch's ROTC similiar consideration.
If anyone has questions about reapplication. I am a second time applicant on the Waitlist and know exactly why I am on it. PM if you have any questions.
I am just curious who you contacted to find out why you are on the waitlist and what the process is to find out. My DS is on the waitlist. He mentioned reapplying, but it would be all on him. I am not sure as a parent I would encourage him as this year has been focused on the academies and I think he should enjoy his college time vs thinking about what he is missing. He has an ROTC scholarship so he can end up where he wants to go just though another route. But if he wants to try again I would support him, it is just such a long process.

I (as a parent) started this thread shortly after The Purge - it kind of got buried at the end of April. Happy to have the discussion moved to this thread, but didn't want the info that was shared there to get lost in case it is helpful to anyone!

DD is reapplying full steam ahead, and has started her app and retaken the ACT and will retake in July. She secured some letters of rec from HS teachers prior to the end of the school year (mainly for the nom apps), but also plans to ask professors in the fall.

We attended a webinar on reapplication with Academy Endeavors the other night, did anyone else attend that? We also have a consult set up with them. Not sure that we want to commit to a big package with someone, but are interested in potentially finding someone experienced to review essays and potentially do some practice interviews, just to cover all the basis.
Curious about BGO and ALO things...

I've been watching my portals for both USAFA and USNA, and haven't seen my interviewing officer change for either(from c/o2027 app to c/o2028 app). I'm pretty certain there is only one BGO for my district, and it's possible that mine will be the same, however, I haven't noticed any threads on here discussing reapplicants receiving/ requesting a new Eval ALO. My Mentor ALO has already stated that I will be in their region for my next application.

So the questions:
1. If there is a single BGO in my region, will I most likely be assigned to that one for my reapplication? (Mine was great to work with, and I believe I can show a lot in terms of maturing and refining my goal of service, so I don't feel a burning desire to find a new one.)
2. Has anyone experienced/ possesses knowledge about mentor ALOs and reapplicants? Should I contact mine over the summer to let them know that I am reapplying and look forward to speaking with them again? Or is it best to leave it be for now? They are the most elusive of all the interviewers, and I'm not sure of the protocol for speaking with them.
My son had a roommate who got in on his 4th try. He had three (3) years of college completed by I-Day.
When they made it to Firstie year, he said that this was refreshingly, the first time he had been a senior. :p

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